Friday, May 27, 2011

The Memorial Holiday Forecasts

Here are the forecasts by Fort Wayne's TV meteorologists for the Memorial Holiday weekend, predicted on Friday, 5/27/11.

Let's keep this until Tuesday, May 31st to see who was right, and who was wrong.

Greg Shoup [WANE]:


Chris Daniels [INC]:


Jonathan Conder [WANE]:


Curtis Smith [INC]:


The National Weather Service (on Comcast/The Weather Channel):


Kennie Berg [Fox 55] -- Kennie is off for the holiday and we couldn't get info from the station's web-site because of a "data error loading"):


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  1. During the Sunday storm warnings (after 2 PM) I was VERY happy that INC kept the information to a minimum UNTIL the warnings came then the damn box in the upper left screen showed up. Fortunately it did NOT interfere with the ABC Indianapolis 500 coverage (that's the info I was concerned about) and as a backup for commercials I had WOWO's IMS network coverage. Not until the Hot Wheels stunt did they bother to break in; naturally when the jump was shown did the pasty Jason whatever have to break in to ABC programming...they came out as the truck landed. Dumb dumbdumbdumbdumbdumb...oh yeah and POINTLESS. I don't care what your radar can do until it shows really nasty EF5-type storms. FOOLS. (I'm done venting now.)